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[ENG SUB] First Romance 01 (Riley Wang Yilun, Wan Peng) I love you just the way you are

8 прегледа· 12/22/21
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? First Romance
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Urban
Episodes: 24
Also known as: 初恋了那么多年

?Plot summary:
A first romance between the quirky Xiong Yifan and pianist Yan Ke that stems from several misunderstandings.
Known as the piano prince in college, Yan Ke runs into Xiong Yifan who was once his crush. Xiong Yifan fell for Yan Ke at first sight. They approach each other prudently and it leads to a series of funny, surprising, and touching moments.

Yan Ke - Riley Wang
Xiong Yifan - Wan Peng

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